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Welcome / Statuses.


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I see you there, lurking on my page.

You're not sneaky. I see all. Well, at least some.

So come on in and have a look around. Just don't trample mud across the carpet.

Commission slots open: 4/4

Progress: N/A

Info: is over there to your right!




Character sheets:

Character Sheet: Jack by cosmogyral-delirium  
Character Sheet: Sotiria by cosmogyral-delirium Character Sheet: Raz (Alt. Version) by cosmogyral-delirium

Not character sheets:

Dreary Seashore by cosmogyral-delirium

Good Luck, You're Fucked by cosmogyral-delirium

Nap in the Rain by cosmogyral-delirium

September Switchup -- Irene by cosmogyral-delirium

one-eyed wonder by cosmogyral-delirium  

these are all personal works

*** Message me for a price quote. Keep in mind that minimum wage where I live is $9.47/hr. ***

*WIPs / working PSD available upon request.
*Final works will be no smaller than 4x4" @ 300dpi, unless otherwise noted / requested. Actual image size may vary, unless you request specific dimensions.
*Additional versions (e.g. linework for flat/full-color commissions; separation of figure[s] and background) available upon request.

Message me @ deviantART or Tumblr if you're interested in commissioning me.


WHO? - My name is Morg[ana]; I am known as cosmogyral-delirium. I'm 21; I have been working "seriously" on my art for about ten years.

WHAT? - I'm offering digital art commissions! I'll draw things on my computer screen for you!

WHEN? - I start commission work as soon as I receive payment.

WHERE? - My work desk resides in Washington State, USA.

WHY? - I'm broke, art is the one thing I don't totally suck at, and I need money.

HOW? - I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and a 9x12" graphics tablet from Monoprice.

WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU OFFERING, MORG? - I am offering digital artwork in my style. I'm offering 3 stages of work: lineart, flat color, and full color; I am also offering 3 sizes of work: portraits/busts, partial body (down to about mid-thigh / knee), and full-body work. In addition, I'm trying my hand out at a simpler chibi-ish sort of style. Additional figures and complex background work are also available.

WHAT PAYMENT METHODS DO YOU TAKE? - PayPal and Google Wallet. My currency is United States dollars. I would like payment up front, but half up front / half at completion can be arranged too -- in that case, you pay me half, I work on your commission -- I will send you a low-resolution file to confirm my work is done, then you pay me the other half owed. With either method, once the commission is arranged, I will send you an invoice.

HOW FAST ARE YOU? - I take about 2-7 days, at worst, to finish a piece. I will message you if any delay arises.



*your own totally original characters -- any matter of humanoid figure you wish -- dudes, ladies, and otherwise
*Relationshippy-type stuff
*LGBTQ spectrum characters / relationships
*kemonomimi (animal ears and tails) / object heads
*Homestuck stuff -- Hussie's canon characters / your fan characters welcome (disclaimer: I do not work on Homestuck and never have -- I am a mere fan artist)
*any combination of the above attributes


*robots/cybernetic parts, depending on complexity
*NSFW stuff - 18+ stuff will not be posted on dA; might go on Tumblr


*fan characters based upon other series besides Homestuck
*anthro / furries / animals / MLP (not my forte)
*anything else I deem out of my comfort zone


WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM ME? - References! Make it crystal-clear to me what you want. Character sheets, outfit photos, pose references, color palettes -- all most welcomed! Also, patience. I will let you know if delays arise, but usually I should get your art to you in a timely manner!

Message me @ deviantART or Tumblr if you're interested in commissioning me.



*I reserve the right to turn down any commission proposal, at any time, for any reason. Don't take it personally, please - most of the time, if I turn a thing down it's either because what you want is beyond my capabilities, or because my real-life circumstances do not allow it.

*I reserve the right to post finished commission work in my deviantART gallery and on my art Tumblr blogs. If you wish, you may be referred to as anonymous in the descriptions of these uploads.

*I shall hold copyright over my finished work.


*You may repost the work I do for you upon dA / Tumblr, as long as I am explicitly credited.

*You may print the work for non-commercial purposes only (e.g. to hang it on your wall, to give it as a gift to someone else -- that kinda thing).

*You may edit the work I've done for you for blog layouts, forum icons, etc. as long as explicit credit is given to me somewhere (a little note tucked in your "about" page is fine!).
I look forward to working with you. :)


cosmogyral-delirium's Profile Picture
another clever moniker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


I'm Morg, short for Morgana. 21/doesanyonereadthesethings/whoevencares.
I draw things! I also occasionally write, photograph, and sew things!

On Tumblr, I'm cosmogyral-delirium.
My art blog is cosmogyral-delirium-art.



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cosmogyral-delirium, thank you so much for your comments on the piece for your character Key! (What a great nickname! <3)

I can't even explain, how very *relieved* I feel! To see how happy you were, is a delight! I was concerned as I created, because I know one thing that your art has that mine lacks: detailed texture. Your gallery is truly amazing; every piece looks like so much time went into it... And your technique just keeps growing, entry after entry. I also worried about the build-- that he wouldn't look as "strong" in my piece as he does in yours.

Thanks for so openly embracing this piece! ^_^ I am really, *so* grateful that you liked it!

Thanks for answering my thoughts-and-questions about him, too~ So nice to learn more about him!!
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